Beautiful Sky

Friday, 22 October 2010

 [taken by me, around half past 7 in the morning. this is just.. beautiful!]
The two only pictures I took today (=no outfitpost, sorry). Well, no, that's a lie, I also took picture of my new ***** hahaha. You'll see it in the next post, lovelies!

I had a pretty good day. I'm just really happy to have Chemistry (which wasn't that bad) behind me, oh and english aswell. Eventhough english is pretty easy, I always feel too lazy to invent some texts and write like 200 words and blahblah. I'm such a lazyass! But, what made that writing a little easier is, that we were allowed to listen to music.. cool or whaat?:D
My afternoon was just cool, I laughed more than learned something during spanish, had a superdelicious Panini with goatcheese, gossip-ed a lot with friends (also with boys, we're loving it when guys are gossiping, it's so funny:D!) and a funny evening which included 1,5h of dancecours, wooo!

Lateroo! xx


  1. Who's your english teacher, and who's your spanish teacher? :)

  2. english-Mrs(or Ms? i still don't get what's what xD) Manchester, spnaish-Señora Garcia Martinez :)


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