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Sunday, 24 October 2010

So, as I promised, here's my outfit from today + a picture of my lunch, it was so tasty!
Like I already said, I spent my evening with lovely Victoria, which also included drinking Tea and eating rice pudding. Of course I didn't finish german (which I should do right now, eek) and didn't study any more history at all, oops. I guess I'll just sacrifice my free hour and  lunch tomorrow to revise history!
I'm now gonna finish the 2nd season of GG (yeah, I somehow couldn't manage to finish it yesterday, the internet was just not nice to me and didn't let me watch it!), finish german and I guess I'll be off to bed then! xx

PS: Since I made my layout wide-r, I also tried what it would be if I'd make the pictures better. What do you think, good/not good?


  1. hehe thanks, actually I had brown hair this summer and I liked it but.. I don't know, I wanna dye my hair even blonder now.:)))
    Maybe I want it permanently brown next year or in 2 years :)
    btw, pretty pictures

  2. hues de dad beim hollänner gies ? :)

  3. I love your coat. where did you get it? :)

  4. love love ur coat. u look hot dear

  5. Love your jacket, and your shoes :-)

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