Half dead

Sunday, 31 October 2010

This picture kind of describes how I'm feeling right now. I'm tired and lazy, but also super-awake and excited at the same time. I'm hungry but also a little sick. My nose and knee's killing me but at the same time I don't really care. In other words: I had an amazingly, funny time. We watched way too many movies, which included Saw3, Mean Girls, The Girls from St. Trinian, half of the Rambo-movie and whatever more. We ate too much asian rice, chips and candy, drank way too much Coke and slept around 6h, woo!
I now gotta hurry to get under the shower, put in my lenses, get dressed, put on some make-up I have here, since I left half of my make-up things at A's place and then hurry to get the bus for town to meet J and go to her and K's place to have.. another sleepover! And all this in about an hour, I'm officially gonna fail this mission. Next post on Monday or sometimes, xx


Saturday, 30 October 2010

Bought those two things yesterday at H&M. I'm in a big hurry right now because I gotta get dressed, do my make-up and pack my stuff to go to the hairdresser and then to A's place, see ya! xx


WE HAVE THE COOLEST GUYS FROM THE WHOLE SCHOOL. Just had to mention that. Aren't the costumes awesome?:D The whole school was taking pictures and laughing their asses off, some people even were afraid, hahahaha! They also went to the kindergarden's parking and the kids didn't wanna get out of the cars because they were too scared:DD


Oh wow, awesome phone-quality! Whatever, you can kind of see my outfit from yesterday here. My boots are just perfect. I wore them from 8 in the morning 'til 11in the evening, with two breaks of about 1hour and a half and my feet didn't really hurt that much! Only in the evening I had an emergency-shoe-change since I couldn't even walk properly anymore, but hey, I wore them 12hours!

My plans for the holidays:
- Go to A's place, watch horror movies, eat a lot of unhealthy stuff and get only a few hours of sleep.
- Going to J and K's place, same plans, just that here we're gonna be only girls
- Have familydinner
- Meet Jil sometime.
- Maybe go to Liège. After seeing how many nice things Jenny bought there (they have a Primark over there!!) I felt a huge need of going there too, heh.
- Meet a few people to sell stuff.
Enjoy holidays, I'd say?:D


Thursday, 28 October 2010

Just a quick post before I'm off to shower and then bed: Look what arrived today!! I'm SO in love with the boots, they're like.. perfect♥ they're 10cm, have 3cm platform but are freaking comfortable! and they're soo light, like not heavy at all, I feel like not wearing shoes, hehe:D The jeggings/leggings I ordered are also reaally nice, satisfied much!


Yesterday's outfit. I put the pictures together because of the rather bad quality!

I don't have much time to post since I have to study some more Geography for tomorrow and gotta hurry to get the Lasagna out of the oven. My day was good, I'm pretty satisfied with my french- and englishmarks which were 7+9=8 (FR) and 10+9,5=9,75!!:D (EN). Getting back Chemistry after the holidays and just trying to get one more schoolday done, I'm dead! Don't except any update tomorrow, I'm gonna spend the time from when school's out until dancing with friends, then probably going to a friend's place, get ready and go out. So don't wait for an update:) Gonna post again tonight, I think, though!
So like I said, bye for now, see ya later, I'd say xx


Tuesday, 26 October 2010

[1] Thought it would be time again to buy the french Cosmopolitan [2] V made me try this, it's kind of a mix of white tea, honey, blueberry-stuff and whatever more in it. It is d-e-l-i-c-i-o-u-s, just like she said! But here's comes the shock: it's effin' expensive - 5€! But V and I decided to spend a whole afternoon during the holidays where we'll try to do Chai Tea Lattes, Blueberry White Tea-s and other genius drinks without having to pay for it, yey! [3] I finally bought a present with J, for A. Party coming up on Saturday, oh wait, I'll tell you more about my plans at the end of the week, hehe!

Now: Off to GG and Blueberry White Tea, buenas noches xx


I actually planned on taking pics of my outfit outside, but when I cam home aroun half past 6, I had dinner nearly immediately and then I talke for like 30minutes with my mum and, wooops, suddenly it was all dark outside! One more thing I don't like about Winter. I hope the pictures are good enough anyways!
I have nothing really to tell, only that I'm really looking forward to the holidays since I already made a couple of plans and I got so many suggestions about what to post from you all, thank you! But I guess I'll get back to that some time later. Ah yeah, as you can maybe see, I changed the size of the pictures to 600 instead of 800, just like I had them before, because I noticed that they were getting a little unsharp. As long as I don't have a better camera, I'll just keep them this size, I'll see that again when I have another camera ;)


Monday, 25 October 2010

[Hehehe, I was bored this morning:D]
Since I have 20coupons to giveaway and 11people participated the Giveaway, I decided that you all win a coupon!:D I actually wanted to contact each of you via email and send you the code, but for a few weeks now, my mailstuff doesn't work properly! Is it okay that the winners write me a mail on facebook and then I'll send you the code? This way you won't have to publish your facebook here!
Here you go: Nora Amélie Lauff !

And a big Thank you to everyone who participated and to Naketano.com who gave me the coupons!


My outfit! I actually also wore my new necklace, but since I didn't take my scarf off all day long, it totally disappeared under it, oww! My day was pretty cool, especially because we left after 8 minutes of waiting when german should've begun, quickly went to the busstop and then suddenly someone shouted that the teacher just arrived (it was 13minutes after the second bell, though!) but we just didn't go to class, we "didn't know that she was there", hahah:D soo we spent our first two hours in Auchan, having second breakfast and having a good time instead of sitting in german, ha! Guess we'll get our revenge tomorrow, hehe.
I'm gonna choose the winners of the giveaway in a couple of minutes, stay tuned! xx

Nora's Creations

Sunday, 24 October 2010

As you can see, I changed my Header (again, I know). I wanted something more.. clean, fresh, organised. I'm not 100% sure about it yet, but I'm liking it! What do you think?

And: I didn't get a lot of comments these last days.. Is my blog getting boring or..? :/

Night, sweeties! xx


 [all pictures by me]

I just wanted to remind you that the giveaway closes in less than 3hours! So click here to try your luck, it's your last chance to participate, I'll choose the winner/s tomorrow evening!

BY THE WAY: Jil started her blog all over again, which means she also changed the name of her blog! It's http://gggetup.blogspot.com (click!). Since the followers she has by now won't be able to see her updates on their dashboards, I just wanted to tell you how to manage this: Unfollow and then follow her again, voilà! And if you aren't following her yet, do it now!

Be the last to kiss my lips

So, as I promised, here's my outfit from today + a picture of my lunch, it was so tasty!
Like I already said, I spent my evening with lovely Victoria, which also included drinking Tea and eating rice pudding. Of course I didn't finish german (which I should do right now, eek) and didn't study any more history at all, oops. I guess I'll just sacrifice my free hour and  lunch tomorrow to revise history!
I'm now gonna finish the 2nd season of GG (yeah, I somehow couldn't manage to finish it yesterday, the internet was just not nice to me and didn't let me watch it!), finish german and I guess I'll be off to bed then! xx

PS: Since I made my layout wide-r, I also tried what it would be if I'd make the pictures better. What do you think, good/not good?

quick, quick, quick

Just came back from Echternach with Mum and my brother. Had really tasty lunch and got some new stuff:
two sets with the cutest stickers e-v-e-r // I have to make a really tough decision: which ones should I keep and which ones should I give A? (for her Birthday). Got a whole cup full of Minimarshmallows - yum! And a new powder, which I really needed since my other one is broken and my skin's always ugly and everything in Winter, hehe.
Outfitpost later, I'm heading to V's place to finish my germanproject, study history and hopefully do a little gossip, see ya! xx

You can tell Jesus that the Bitch is back!

Saturday, 23 October 2010

I want such a dreeess *_*
Hey guys! Just wanted to tell you that I'm off for today. I'm not completely satisfied with my updates from today, but I guess I just didn't have anything more interesting to tell/show. Gonna finish the 2nd Season of GG now and then I'm off to bed!
Sleep tight, sweeties xx

And I wanted to remind you to enter my giveaway! You have one more day, so if you haven't entered yet, do it now! Here you go!


[1-4] My afternoon in pics: Drinking Caramel Macchiato and eating Pizza, studying history/doing summaries with cool pens and trying to resist to refresh facebook and formspring every two minutes. [5] I earned 31€ this week, by selling clothes, so cool :D

Now: Off to some GG, nearly finished Season2! xx

+ 91followers, thank you so much!! Make it up to 100! :D

You gotta love me, bitch I'm special

Leggings + Pullover (underneath) - ZARA | Big blue shirt (I loove it) - Mum's | Boots - Asos.

I'm off to dinner, more updates later! xx


I found these two gorgeous pieces while looking for something in the wash-room (yeah, again, haha!) and tried both on, here's a picture of the leather jacket:
it's a liiittle big in the shoulders (it's from Mango and an S, explains everything)

I personally am quite happy because I wanted a leatherjacket, something tougher for a while now and this one is really nice in my opinion! Eventhough the sleeves are a little long, but whateveeer! What do you think?

PS: The shirt's gonna be in the next post!


ohh Imagesheep works again:D! [weeeh my nose's fat here]

I wanted to show you this picture already two days ago, but somehow always forgot to post it. It's from Wednesday. I stole my mum's light brown lipstick and really liked the colour, especially for autumn. The colour looked better in reality, though!
Just quickly wanted to let you know that I'm studying history now which is really boring, but that I made another order on Missguided and I'm just hoping that it's working this time! Gonna post more later, I have to bring myself to at least finish that history-summary, then I'll allow myself to post and post and post and.. watch GG, hah! See ya later xx

not again!

I have a problem: My tinypic and Imagesheep uploaders won't upload my pictures. No idea, why!
I'm now trying to find another website where I can upload pics and copy/paste the URL, otherwise I'll have to post really small pictures.. Please, help me, it's also for you, you don't wanna only see small pictures, do you? Exactly.


New Babies!

Friday, 22 October 2010

One with, one without flash. Choose the picture you prefer, I couldn't decide, hah.
These two beauties arrived today! Both from Asos, I'm in love! I actually have huuuge feet in those shoes, but they're so cool, so down to earth, so simple but still special.. and they're so damn comfortable! The necklace was on Sale, it was around £6 before and I got it for £2, just felt like adding it to my shoppingbag, haha!
Yeh, a lot of B/W, I know, but I have such an ugly brown carpet, didn't want it on the pics!

Oh and I got a mail from Missguided. Remember me writing about the Jeggings and boots I ordered? Well, the order got cancelled. Yes, cancelled, FML? Why: We found your transaction as a high risk flag, can you please provide us ID and proof of address so we can dispatch your order as soon as possible. I mailed them if I could get more Information about what I should do now, but they only answer mails from Monday to Friday from 9-5:30pm! Anybody knows what to do in that situation so that I can maybe fix that before them answering? I don't wanna wait another two weeks for my stuff to arrive!:(