Saturday, 4 September 2010


so how about this DIY? looks good to me, ye?

ah yeah, where am i get those holy over knee socks? H&M obviously thinks socks which barely reach your knee are cool. not. anybody seen some which aren't from onlinestores? buenas noches, babes xx

i didn't do this, i'm thinking about doing it! found it here. (for the ones who don't understand german, i think you can still understand it when you look at the pics)


  1. thanks girl! I just need little ideas like that, I'm sooooo nervous that I can't think straight!
    LOVE that diy, it's amazing!
    and topshop and asos are good if I remember right :D xoxo

  2. hues du dad gema?:O mach mir och een :O-j

  3. uaaah! wéi hues de dt gema?? ch well ooooooch!! :D x

  4. @jil, neee daat hun ej op engem blog fonnt, ej well mer daat vlait maan:D

  5. ok dann mess de mir och een wann dad gudd get ok?:P-j

  6. I'm on the lookout for socks too! I'm going to check out American Apparel because I bet they have some :) Might cost me about $16 though. :P

  7. I'm obsessed with galaxy print! That DIY looks amazing :o
    I wanted this galaxy vest by 'youeyeslie' soo badly but I think it's a lil expensive for what it is...

    Cool blog btw hun! x


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