So happy I could die

Saturday, 11 September 2010

i just ordered these beauties from New Look and i really can't wait for them to arrive! The shipping usually takes 5-7 days, excited much!! Mum pays the coat & the shoes, i'm paying the rest. i know that the stuff is pretty 'basic'-ish but i really love things like those at the moment because you can wear it with like everything! especially the shirts; they look good with a pair of jeans, shorts or in a highwaisted skirt, or with a leggings, heh! and the shoes are soo cute, they always remind me of the time when i was doing ballet, hihi. i already wanted them at the end of juny (!) but then decided to keep my money for Spain. so happy they still had them.. in my size! i now only have to pray a little, that everything fits! xx

PS: do you like/dislike the stuff? just curious about your opinions:D


  1. hun nice post! check out our pics at the Vogue Fashion Night's Out in Milan!! it was super fun!!!

    lots of love! : )

    we are followers! keep in touch?

  2. schööööön! bei zara hun se sou tshirten :b ech hun friden och en weissen an en schwarzen kaaf <3

  3. So Happy I Could Die: one of my favorite Lady Gaga songs from The Fame Monster.
    I really like your picks here, particularly the belt and the jacket.


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