shh, mama's only gone for the moment♥

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

my day in a few pics; me and Z (she's soo skinny, right?:D) during chemistry, wearing superduper geek-y protect-glasses and my outfit on the other pictures!
i don't think i'll have the time to post more today, or at least only, when there's something coming to my mind that i think could be interesting for you.
i'm now gonna eat lasagna (two days in a row.. jackpot!) and spend some time on the Passé Simple and sin(α) and cos(α). sounds like great fun, right?:DD see you, cuties xx

EDIT: tinypic refuses to upload my other picture from me (you can actually see my outfit more clearly on that one, pff), soo i guess you'll have to be okay with the one above.. i'm really sorry!

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