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Thursday, 2 September 2010

i spent my day with my mummy at Trier and really enjoyed it :) here are pictures from today:

[1]i got a new book, scary stuff and i wanted to try that cocomilk out, i'm curious about how it tastes! [2]i (finally!!) found a black scarf at H&M, for 10€ and i bought some pre-prepaired panna cotta stuff, you only have to add milk, sugar and cream. me=pannacottaaholic, haha! [3]always when my mum and i go to Trier, we eat sushi 'til we die, awesomenesssss! [4]my today's outfit aand.. [5].. my new boots! they're from bianco and i love them, hehe [6]my dinner; bermuda cooler+salmonbagle, mmhh!

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