over knee socks+boots

Thursday, 2 September 2010

since my dad's watching tv 'til 21h45, i decided to try out different ways of wearing my new boots. i saw many girls from blogs wearing over knee socks an i'm beginning to really like them! so i tried on a selfmade over knee sock (it was just an experiment on how i could make them myself and i only have one sock:p) and quite liked them with my boots! ++i kind of everted(?) the shoes and i think that looks even better with the socks! i'm gonna look for a pair of real over knee socks these days.
and my mum said she really likes it, when i'm wearing them with the socks!(she doesn't say it's too naked or anything.. wow, haha!)
so what about you, like, dislike? x


  1. haha, déi sinnf iwwa-gemittlech! du spiers guer nt dass dn heel sou héich ass! fir 17 euro sinn se t wierklech wert :D x

  2. haha, hueln ch ma och emma vir, mee irgendswéi klappt dt nie :O :p

  3. Nice :) I want some thigh high socks. I'll wear them with cute skirts :)

  4. I really like over knee socks , and because you have long legs they suit you perfectly :)


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