Thursday, 2 September 2010

from weheartit

• our laptop got fixed, so i hopefully soon will be able to make better posts! EDIT: dad says he's gonna pick it up tomorrow, excited much!!!
• i have to bring my camera to auchan to maybe get it fixed as well(what is it with my family always having broken technical stuff?)
• mum paid another itunes voucher so right now i'm dowloading Toy Story 2, any ideas for other movies which are worth dowloading?
• school starts on tuesday for me, i'll try to keep you guys more updated than i did before summerholidays!
• 105 visits yesterday, you go, guys!!
EDIT: • i also got a request on if i could make a post where i show how to wear one item in a few different ways. first: thanks for te proposal, now i know what to post:D but i think i'll do that, when we'll have our laptop back (the webcam should work again!), so that i can make the post better, okay?:)

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