me and my brother

Sunday, 12 September 2010

after that we finished taking pictures, we made, or rather took a little video, it's random crap and not interesting at all buuuut whatever, duh!:D oh and i'm shouting STALKER! when i'm running onto him, thought you maybe wanna know what the hell i'm saying, hehe.

yesss, here it finally is, haha.
and, FIY, at the end my brother's saying that hes soo courageous and i'm making fun of him:D

can't see the video? click here


  1. Oh my god! He's so godamn adorable! Sorry for the very long delay - I've been so busy, but thanks for your sweet comment, and i've just done a new post! Phew! Panda xo

  2. oooh you should wear that outfit more often, love it :D


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