let you put your hands on my skin-tight jeans, be your teenage dream tonight

Friday, 17 September 2010

my day in pictures:

this is all i bought, i shared the earrings with my lovely friend..

..Isabel! (omg, i'm so jealous of her hair!!:D)

my outfit: (i didn't have anyone to take pics of me, urgh)

and my babieees, hehehe

aaand that's me, i guess!:D tried out some effects, like the result, what about you?

all in all i had the best day since school started! my mathsteacher and my spanishteacher were sick, which means that i only had 3hours of school (geo, chemistry, free maths, english and double free spanish=> jackpottttt!) +we had a firealarm during chemistry, which means that we were basically standing outside, doing nothing for like 15minutes, haha:D
voila, that's it for now, i'll jump into something more comfortable (which means shorts instead of miniskirt, hehe) and then run to Victoria's place aaand have a good evening!

PS: my stuff from New Look arrived today, i haven't seen the things yet, though, 'cause it's been sent to mama's work, i'll show pictures ASAP! xx

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