i've been looking out night and day!

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

voila, a way better picture of my outfit than the one from yesterday:D
tuesdays are always pretty hard, i have chemistry, maths and physics in one day=suicide muchhh! i don't know what to write at all, tbh, my day wasn't special.. i'm just looking forward to 1)when my boots finally arrive 2)tomorrow, it's wednesday, the best day of the week!! 3)friday night: Lisa's late-birthday-going-out-night + sleepover :D yeeeh that's all, i'm gonna watch some more GG now and try to not die 'til Mama's coming home with the Piiiizza! Ciao, ciao xx

PS: looks like you haven't been here for some time.. gooo, hehheeh!

EDIT: booo i just noticed, that you can't see my belt i was wearing as well! it's brown with golden studds.

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  1. den schal as sou mega:) hun en bal all dag un:)


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