i'm too hungry to focus on maths

Sunday, 26 September 2010

i finally took a little break from studying german and maths, to finish tidying my room and finally show you pictures of it! yesterday evening i changed the position of my furniture and i really like it now, the room seems bigger than it did before. that's all i can/have to tell you for now, my sunday's really boring, getting up, having breakfast, studying, tidying, having lunch, studying and maybe later watch some GG. see ya! xx


  1. ;D ch mengen ch hinn einfa an puer gschäfter an sichn puer cool saachn zs :p x

  2. du hues awer en scheinen barbie kapp do stoen :P

  3. Cool room, but the Barbie head gave me a bit of a scare...;)

  4. Nice and simple, as girls like it, he he :-)
    You are welcome to follow my blog<3

  5. iooo:) seit desem joer lo, hun den densden meng eichter lession haha :D

  6. RE: Thanks for your sweet comment. I sell the stuff, because i don't use it, he he.


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