i need holidays.

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

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yes, i started school today. yes, i'm serious. and yes, i freaking want holidays! ironic.. much?
this is the 10.time i'm starting a new schoolyear and the first time i'm not only happy about the fact that we'll have school for months now. i'm in fifth grade now (or 10., however you want it.)
my mathsteacher's telling us, that this year is gonna be even more hard than last year (ehm.. kidding?! last year already was sometimes reaally hard), i'll have a new english and historyteacher (i used to be good-really good in those subjects, let's see if i can hold my marks, hahaha) and i'm simply not looking forward to two times 9exams during 6days. i think you get, why.
buut back to my so nice and optimistic attitude (looks like i lost it in my mathsroom:D:D)
i didn't take any pictures of my outfit. i wore my new beige pullover (see ZARALICIOUS) with black leggings and some random sporty-shoes. it was raining.. nearly all day long (even more to be superduper optimisitic!) i went to the Schueberfouer with a few friends and had.. fun, yey! i think that's all for now. i gotta get myself to get to bed around 10 again. goodi nightie and thanks for reading this, hehe xx


  1. that picture about the haircut is sooo true !

    I'm Following you too :)

  2. me too! tons homework are waiting :(

    + I love your blog so now I'm your follower. Follow me back if you like :)

    jessie xx

  3. I know, SCHOOL IS AN EPIC FAIL. Plus, that second photo made me laugh so much! It's so true! Thanks for you lovely comment, as always! I've just done a new post too, if you wanted to check it out. Panda xo


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