i love the way you lie

Thursday, 16 September 2010

(see the huge circles under my eyes? yes, that's what happens when school starts again, duhh)
soo yeah, my outfit from today; floral top, leggings, shoes, ring, scarf(lovelovelooooove it!!)-H&M, cadigan-ZARA. not thaat special, buut yeah, whatever:)
i don't have anything interesting to tell you at all, except for that i'll have to study spanish verbs now and that i'll have a minitest tomorrow and that i really don't like that situation:D!
oh, but there are two things i'm looking forward to: tomorrow my stuff from New Look should finally arrive, can't wait!! it's friday, which means that it's weekend again, which means that i'll get sleep, yeey!


  1. Mercii :) Den Schaal ass schein :) Jo Scheul mecht een midd hh ^^


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