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Thursday, 9 September 2010

[somehow the internet didn't want to work yesterday, so here's the outfit from yesterday]

aand from today:

my today's outfit.
nothing really to say about today, so i'll let you know a little more about he subjects i like/don't like.
i'm looking forward to:
-biology (we'll be studying pretty interesting stuff!)
-english (really relaxed and easy)
-gym (i have the same teacher as last year and it's always pretty much fun because it's really relaxed)
-maybe spanish, depends on which teacher i'll have
-moral (the teacher+the class=pure fun!)

and i'm not looking forward to:
-maths (beurk)
-physics (double-beurk)
-chemistry (triple-beurk, haha)

that's all for now, sweethearts! and thanks so much to my new followers!:D xx

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