Monday, 27 September 2010

(i'm sorry that the first picture isn't very sharp, i blame my brother, hah)
so this is what i wore today; grey shirt(can't see it, though, hehe)-Bershka, highwaisted black stretch-y skirt+black cardgian-ZARA, tights, scarf-H&M, shoes-Bianco, ring-asos, Parka-New Look.

i'm sorry for the pretty boring posts during the week, they're always just an outfit and some random text underneath, but (as you probably already noticed) i always try to catch up with 3times more + more interesting posts on weekends. i hope you understand my situation, i'm coming home around 7/8/9 o' clock on mondays+wednesdays, around 6 or half past 6 on tuesdays+thursdays and fridays really depends on my plans. but whatever, i'm not gonna bore you with more excuses like these, good night, darlings! xx


  1. scheinen outfit :) gefällt mer xoxo, Irena <3

  2. That ring is so rad! Great outfit, you look so cute! Sorry about the late reply (as usual hahah) I just did a new post, and thank you for your lovely comment! Panda xo


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