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Saturday, 4 September 2010

So today my brother had his late birthdayparty at Trier, he went bowling with a couple of friends and i helped out a little.

before the party - my brother and i with our yoghurt-(me) and chocolate(A)- milkshakes
(i'm really surprised about the good quality of the pictures, took them with my phone!)

no outfitpicture, because 1-when we would have got time to take one, it was already evening=bad light 2-i got baad blisters on my feet because of the boots, i'm not gonna wear them for the next days! (i wore jeansshorts, a flowered top, light grey waterfallcardigan and the boots, just for the ones who care)

the little monsters alltogether :p (the light was bad, so quality=0) the girls were really cute and one of them didn't leave me like the whole afternoon, we talked so much, so adorable, haha!

and this basically is everything i bought, +underwear. 1-schooldiary+pen, 2-stuff for my blisters+new mascara. that schooldiary is so cute and funny at the same time, every couple of pages is a bunny who's trying to suicide, hahaha. mean? yeah, but i love the drawings!

i managed to get the pictures to a good height, etc. i think i like the size, what about you? x

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