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Sunday, 5 September 2010

what i did today; this morning i made Panna Cotta and i can't wait to try the result! oh and ofc i dressed up aand yeah, i'm out of inspiration, sorry. it's like i've worn everything with everything and have no other possibilities to combinate.. a nightmare. as soon as i survived the Schueberfouer on tuesday (or should i better say as soon as my purse survived it?), i can maybe slowly start to think about buying some new clothes. i'm in need of a coat, i already saw something cute, and then i would simply like to have some new shirts and other stuff which say more 'autumn' than all my other clothes do, they're literally shouting 'summer'! i want beige and black and khaki in my wardrobe, i want golden accessoires and grey tights and so much more!
i guess that's all about me for now.. tonight i'm going to the Schueberfouer with my parents and brother aaand yeah.. i guess i'll have to swap the short against some leggings, unless i want to become an iceblock. see you later! xx

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  1. it simple - true, but I like it :) btw you got such a great body :D


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