Bye September!

Thursday, 30 September 2010

(sorry for the mega-effects, but i had to find a way to hide the circles under my eyes:DD)
(concentrated much, duuh!)
mmmmh yeeah there's something i gotta tell you.. i don't have an outfitpicture. i'm soooo sorry guys, but i really had to focus on maths and my brother wasn't there anyways and ooooh excuses, excuses and excuses, i know.
i'm gonna try to do better posts (which means also outfitposts!!) next week, okaaay?:D

ahh i totally forgot to tell ya; i had three hours of lunch and went to town with some people and we had lunch at McDonalds and it was awesome:D and i don't know why i'm telling you this at all, but i feel like i have to share the fact that the shrimps wrap is effin' tasty! see you tomorrow, cuties xx


  1. müüüüüde?:)

  2. Eeehm,I think they are somewhere in between 30-40 pounds. Haha,I have mad skill with putting pens up on my lip.Haha,seriously.xx


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