Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Right now i am:
-pissed because i have a pimple-explosion (grrrrrr)
-looking froward to tomorrow (it's wednesday, remember?)
-looking forward to spend the whole afternoon tomorrow with Z
-not looking forward to what we'll be doing that whole afternoon.. maths! eek.
-hoping that that effin awful stuff we did today won't be in our mathstest on friday, otherwise i'm not even in the need of studying, i'm failing anyways (damn what am i in such a great mood, heh!)
-thinking about what i'm gonna wear tomorrow (emptyness, tuut tuut, anybody home?)
-remembering that i have 30€ on my creditcard (from last and this week, ooh that brightens my mood a little up!)
-feeling like i have to see Jil again, shame our schools don't end at the same time..
-thinking about asking you guys: what you do you want to see more on my blog? (you can ofc also send me suggestions on formspring!)
-wishing that there would exist an OFF-button you just have to push so that you fall asleep a few minutes later.
Nighie, nightie, you all out there! xx


  1. i miss youuuu:(<3

  2. i'm simply in love with theese pictures :D love them! and your blogg! (: xx

  3. pretty. i love your glasses :D


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