Wednesday, 1 September 2010

i'm so happy that i found a similar leggings to the one i bought a week ago and has a hole! mum said, she'll pay it for me and grandma's gonna look after my leggings with the hole. and look what i found out; i had to pay less than half of the usual price:D


  1. wéivill hunn dng iwwagail boots kascht? sinn déi vun h&M divided? x

  2. jo haha sie laafen duerch d'staad :P

  3. thanks for the great comment!
    and I LOVE it when that happens!
    this one horrid h&m person though once made me pay the full price though even when it had gone down in the sale because she didn't believe my 'it didn't fit' story which was axtually true for once! she thought I just wanted the discount :'(
    love the leggings though xoxo


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