Bye September!

Thursday, 30 September 2010

(sorry for the mega-effects, but i had to find a way to hide the circles under my eyes:DD)
(concentrated much, duuh!)
mmmmh yeeah there's something i gotta tell you.. i don't have an outfitpicture. i'm soooo sorry guys, but i really had to focus on maths and my brother wasn't there anyways and ooooh excuses, excuses and excuses, i know.
i'm gonna try to do better posts (which means also outfitposts!!) next week, okaaay?:D

ahh i totally forgot to tell ya; i had three hours of lunch and went to town with some people and we had lunch at McDonalds and it was awesome:D and i don't know why i'm telling you this at all, but i feel like i have to share the fact that the shrimps wrap is effin' tasty! see you tomorrow, cuties xx


i finally finished studying maths, big OUF! i studied for i think about 2hours and woooh i can't see cosinus and sinus anymore:D! i can't wait for the weekend, i had a pretty busy week, which included two big tests in two important subjects and i really feel like i need hours and hours of sleep and two days of being lazy and doing nothing. aaah nooo i have a lots of Bio homework to do, study french and maybe also start studying spanish, there you go, hopeless dream of lazyness.. hehehe whatever xx


Wednesday, 29 September 2010

 (my faceexpression on the first pic.. haha:DD)
my outfit & me and Z, i had an amazing afternoon, even though i'm really sick of maths now, screw it!
since i didn't want to do a vlog alone (i feel like talking to myself..?), i convinced her to do it with me, i'm trying to edit it now, stay tuned, people! xx


Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Right now i am:
-pissed because i have a pimple-explosion (grrrrrr)
-looking froward to tomorrow (it's wednesday, remember?)
-looking forward to spend the whole afternoon tomorrow with Z
-not looking forward to what we'll be doing that whole afternoon.. maths! eek.
-hoping that that effin awful stuff we did today won't be in our mathstest on friday, otherwise i'm not even in the need of studying, i'm failing anyways (damn what am i in such a great mood, heh!)
-thinking about what i'm gonna wear tomorrow (emptyness, tuut tuut, anybody home?)
-remembering that i have 30€ on my creditcard (from last and this week, ooh that brightens my mood a little up!)
-feeling like i have to see Jil again, shame our schools don't end at the same time..
-thinking about asking you guys: what you do you want to see more on my blog? (you can ofc also send me suggestions on formspring!)
-wishing that there would exist an OFF-button you just have to push so that you fall asleep a few minutes later.
Nighie, nightie, you all out there! xx


1-no outfit post, because: when i was taking the bus with Victoria, we both had a little siesta, so my hair's aaall messed up, i'm already in my pyjamapants, i'm already wearing my glasses, it's already dark outside and my outfit wasn't special at all, haha.
2-(and more important part!!) guuuys i'm in a huuge need of new music! it's not that i don't like my actual musiclist, but i have barely over 100songs (OMG, right?) and i'd love to get some new stuff on my iPod. i'm actually listening to everything from The Pretty Reckless, Futuristic Lover, Teenage Dream+Peacock from Katy Perry, Breathe me+Clap your hands from Sia. these are my current favourites. so please (yes, i'm begging you) tell me any good songs that come to your mind, as long it is Pop/Rock and maybe also Rap.
i'm now off to get some Pasta, see you latero! xx


Monday, 27 September 2010

(i'm sorry that the first picture isn't very sharp, i blame my brother, hah)
so this is what i wore today; grey shirt(can't see it, though, hehe)-Bershka, highwaisted black stretch-y skirt+black cardgian-ZARA, tights, scarf-H&M, shoes-Bianco, ring-asos, Parka-New Look.

i'm sorry for the pretty boring posts during the week, they're always just an outfit and some random text underneath, but (as you probably already noticed) i always try to catch up with 3times more + more interesting posts on weekends. i hope you understand my situation, i'm coming home around 7/8/9 o' clock on mondays+wednesdays, around 6 or half past 6 on tuesdays+thursdays and fridays really depends on my plans. but whatever, i'm not gonna bore you with more excuses like these, good night, darlings! xx

I need Sun

Sunday, 26 September 2010

look how many freckles i had theeere!:( that was in july, when it was hot outside and the sun shining all day long, boooo. i need more sun so that my beloved freckles come back!! (ye, i know i still have a lot but.. i just love my freckles:DD)
such an useless post, i know, sorry, hehe!

Futuristic Lover

i finished studying german, i finished tidying my room and what can i say? all i have to do is to jump into my pyjama, brush my teeth and go to bed. good work, Nora! i'll maybe even find the time to watch another episode of GG, ehehehee! Good Night, sweethearts xx

i'm too hungry to focus on maths

i finally took a little break from studying german and maths, to finish tidying my room and finally show you pictures of it! yesterday evening i changed the position of my furniture and i really like it now, the room seems bigger than it did before. that's all i can/have to tell you for now, my sunday's really boring, getting up, having breakfast, studying, tidying, having lunch, studying and maybe later watch some GG. see ya! xx


Saturday, 25 September 2010

so here's the video i was talking about! don't mind my superstupid laugh and the fact that it doesn't really work when i'm doing it, it was the first time i'ver ever tried!! hehehe enjoy xx


yesterday evening my order from asos arrived. i'm reaally liking the ring but the shoes are too small :(( i'll send them back, hoping they'll have them in 38 :/

there right now is a video of me and Lisa trying to speak with Helium, from yesterday night uploading on youtube, i guess this is the chance for me to study german or maths, until it's done loading and then i'll post it, see you later ! xx

and (yes, again) THANKS SO MUCH to my new followers!! you make me so, so happy and you are who motivate me to take a lot of pictures, etc, etc, keep on coming, guys!!:D

I'm so cool with my pink balloon♥

these are just two pictures from yesterday evening. i had all in all a really good time and it was good to just dance and not think about school! there's for sure more picture coming up, as soon as Lisa uploads the,m on facebook, etc.


Thursday, 23 September 2010

maybe some of you already noticed, Tinypic isn't going to be able to upload your pics and share them, shit! buut i got a comment on formspring to use imagesheep aand it works, happy much!
my actual DIY was supposed to be overknees, but since i didn't have everything i needed, i decided to give up. i found these socks some time ago, and they're not reaally high, but i like them anyways :) oh and please don't mind those huge circles under my eyes:D i now should really, really pack my stuff (i'm going to Lisa's place, remember?) and take a shower, i'm a little stressed right now, uhhhh. and then tomorrow i'll have a mini spanishtest, which i think i'm gonna study more for tomorrow, hehe.

i don't know if i'll be able to post a lot (or maybe even anything) during the weekend, since i have to study a lot of maths and german (did i really complain about too long summerholidays a month ago? unbelievable.), but i'll try anyways, i hope you understand my situation! good night for today, sweeties and thanks to the new followers ! xx

I wanna have wings so bad

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

what i'm wearing/was wearing today. i'm off to -shower, -Grey's Anatomy, -Private Practice(!!), -some DIY. (not telling you more about the DIY yet, staay tuned, eheh) xx

I'm lovin' them

Tuesday, 21 September 2010


Olivia Palermo

She's got it all:
- she's superbeautiful.
- she has the greatest sense of style like.. ever. 
- her boyfriend is.. yum!

i've been looking out night and day!

voila, a way better picture of my outfit than the one from yesterday:D
tuesdays are always pretty hard, i have chemistry, maths and physics in one day=suicide muchhh! i don't know what to write at all, tbh, my day wasn't special.. i'm just looking forward to 1)when my boots finally arrive 2)tomorrow, it's wednesday, the best day of the week!! 3)friday night: Lisa's late-birthday-going-out-night + sleepover :D yeeeh that's all, i'm gonna watch some more GG now and try to not die 'til Mama's coming home with the Piiiizza! Ciao, ciao xx

PS: looks like you haven't been here for some time.. gooo, hehheeh!

EDIT: booo i just noticed, that you can't see my belt i was wearing as well! it's brown with golden studds.

I like it rough

my outfit from yesterday. i'm sorry that i didn't post yesterday, but i basically came home, took a shower and fell in my bed. monday's are always the heaviest, you get what i mean, hehe :p


Sunday, 19 September 2010

that's all for today, my bed's waiting! xx


Right now i am thinking about what i should wear for today - friends of my parents have a daughter (who i also know, ofc), who turned 18 some time ago, so we're invited to a huuuge (and i mean huuge - her mum has i think 5 or 6 siblings and nearly everyone has kids :p) familydinner/lunch, but we'll be the only ones who aren't family with them, haha :D soo i guess this is gonna be the only post until maybe this evening, depends on if i can take any pics of my outfit, etc! i guess i'll see you tonight, babes xx


Saturday, 18 September 2010

that's what i am right now! mum fiiinally agreed that i can order the bootie-babies:D!! i caaaan't wait for the stuff to arrive, i also bought a ring, which i reaally like :) i hope it's soon arriving, hehehe.
i'm off to loads of gossip, you know what i mean ;) xx


voila, here's everything from New Look. i'm really happy, especially the coat is pure awesomeness, i feel warm and safe and if someone would hug me, you could think i'd be a bear :D:D!
i'm now off to watch some PP, xx
PS: i added some new thing to sell, here! for example blazers, a dress, tops.. take a look ;)

Come on baby show me watcha got underneith!

My outfit: white top, belt - New Look, Leggings, cardigan, black top (underneith) - ZARA, shoes, scarf - H&M, chain bag - unknown.
i'm working on the post with the pictures of the stuff i got from New Look, stay tuned! xx