welcome to the tea party

Sunday, 22 August 2010

[1]i gotta admit; i'm an absolute coke addict, viva la cola! [2]me on some random terasse [3+5]my cutie pie aka brother and me on the beach [4]whaaat the fuuuuck is wrong with my faceexpression?:D [6]yeah, nothing to say here [7]i fiiinally got that watch i wanted for monthsssss! it's my new must have, 'wearing it with nearly everything [8]a carussell in a glasshouse, perfect for colder days, haha!
what else's new? +i lovelovelove fishsoup(call me a weirdo) +got two necklacethingies(sorry for the shitty writing, my brain=off) +BELIEVE ME OR NOT, I GOT A TAN!!


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