Saturday, 7 August 2010

[1]my suuupertasty tiramisu from yesterday [2]my luggage- i took nearly my whole wardrobe with me :p [3]some random picture where i'm sitting on a balustrade (it was around 10and dark outside, that explains the bad quality) [4]the cuter version of battleships

i think, that i'll do a couple of posts with only pictures and just a little text, since i don't really have anything interesting to tell.. now i'm just hoping that i'll have internet! *fingers crossed* x


  1. Love the shoes in the previous post:))
    Come follow

  2. Your luggage! Haha, So much, I love your wedge shoes :)
    Looks like fun though :) + Thanks for the comment, it was very sweet. I just did another post, If you wanted to check it out.. Hows your summer going?
    Panda xx


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