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Wednesday, 4 August 2010

[1]my brother, wearing my dad's glasses :p [2-3]my dinner, did i ever mentioned that i looove fastfood? [4]say hello to my new ring, ehhh snake! my dad found it, it's still a baby and soo cute :D


  1. That snake ring is INSANE. Were on earth did you get it?
    + Thanks for the lovely comment, I'm sorry for the late reply, and i just did a new post on some very exciting news. Check it out?
    Panda xx

  2. haha, déi schlaang ass cool :D mhm, du haas io déi bikini-box do kaaf, an hues dn iewechten deel irgendswou bestallt. kanns du mir pls soen wou dt war? :p ch hunn och nemmn d box fonnt --' x

  3. ahhhahhh! I'm so stupid :? I though it was a ring hahah. Dude thats soo cool. I wish i had a baby snake, Panda xxx

  4. Oh my God, is that seriously a snake? O:
    It's adorable!


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