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Wednesday, 25 August 2010

waaah you have no idea how absolutely awesome it feels to be able to post from something else than an iPhone! that's why i was also able to chose the size for the pictures (in other words: don't get used to it, haha)
but let's talk about the important things again; Toy Story was great and i found a pair of leggings which i told you about i would want to buy, aaand they were only 7€! me=superhappy, haha. i also bought dotted tights for 5€ (mine are ready for the trash:p) and a striped shirt for 8€ (stripes are like an obsession to me) - all from ZARA, and the white-transparate-ish shirt was 5€ and is from H&M. again; happy much!
nothing more to say, see ya later x

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