fire with fire

Thursday, 26 August 2010

~happy, because the blazer i got, while swapping something on KK, arrived today (it's not as big as it looks like here and it's more beige than grey)
~mad, because i just discovered, that there's a hole in my new leggings :@
~hoping that i can fix that hole sewing it
~looking forward to today, since i'll stay the whole day with Vic, watching pll, eating, talking, watching tv, etc, etc :D


  1. eng frendin vun mir hued och sou eng leggings kaaft(oder sou ähnlech op alle fall) eben och am zara, an do war och en lach dran, an all den leggingsen war en lach -.- mega scheiss. /:

  2. oh wi schaiss! ej kruut meng loo gefleckt, hoffen, ed hält:s

  3. I love that gray blazer! It's cool. ;D
    Thanks for checking out my blog!

  4. that grey blazer is great. love the cropped look, now we need a pic of you styled in it. x


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