head over heel

Monday, 2 August 2010

[1]this basically is what i'll be doing the whole day, +tv ofc.
[2]my outfit; top (the one i got from Steffi), pearlbracelets-H&M, dark blue stretchskirt (yes, it's blue!)-ZARA, small key-from a fleamarket

i'm really sorry for my boring posts these last days, but i have no idea what to post +i'm not doing anything special..
i totally forgot to say that i'm leaving for 2weeks france on friday! i'll just be able to do quick posts, when i get wifi somewhere over there.. :/ but i'll try to take lots of pictures :D

my plans for the next days:
tuesday-do stuff with dad and alex (fishing, hmmm)
wednesday-go to town with Jil
thursday-pack my stuff for france
friday-bye, bye Luxembourg!


  1. wednesday hihi:)
    ej huelen io um 11:56 den bus oder ?

  2. i like your personal style because it is simple and chic...kind of Parisian :) (maybe because Luxembourg borders with France :D )

  3. hihi jooo , sin sou verleift :D
    lalala :) deen top ass flott O: den getoschenen gell? <3

  4. Oh,that's weird.. I thought I fixed it! Try searching TheFashionMenu on youtube and it's my latest video. :) And mmm, Red Bull.Too bad energy drinks are pure crap for your body. :/


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