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Friday, 6 August 2010

i just quickly wanted to say, that i arrived at our hotel where we'll stay for one night. tomorrow we'll drive two more hours and then we finally arrive at our house :) i hope having internet overthere as well, but i don't wan to promise anything 'cause i'm really not sure..
well, talk to you later then! x


  1. fingers crossed you have internet (:
    Panda xx
    Oh, thanks for the sweet comment, Plus, i've posted the results from my tv audition...

  2. pupsi du fehls mer elo schon! eierlech ech hun keng ze din. ech krut meng neel meeega schein gema, me ech hat lo geduecht ech lackeieren se mer mee ouni dech ass dat doof :P
    viiiiiill spaass! weini bass de rem? <3


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