eye make-up

Tuesday, 31 August 2010

i was bored, so i tried something new and put on darker make-up, i know it's nothing special, but still, hehe:p
i used black eyeshadow, black eyeliner, black mascara, white eyeliner and white eyeshadow.

magical hand

i've had an eye on this hand for a couple of weeks, and today mum decided to pay it for me, yeey! and my outfit (my face.. hahaha): shirt-bershka, fake fur+ballerinas-H&M, black leggings-ZARA

i'm sorry for my lack of posts, but i'm just trying to sleep a lot and being lazy for the rest of my holidays, my school starts in a week!
now i'm gonna drink dr pepper and watch tv, see ya!

new jeans/giveaway?

Monday, 30 August 2010

i'm a genius, i found out, how to write fat, when posting from my phone, haha!
back to basics: i got a new pair of jeans, they're from Cheap Monday and i love them! that's all what could be at least a liiittle interesting, you seriously have no idea how boring my day was.

aaand, not to forget: i'm thinking about making a giveaway already a couple of weeks, like when i reach a cool number of readers, but i have nothing/no idea what to 'give away', really intelligent, Nora! hmm, i guess we'll talk about that sometime later, haha!


i'm sitting in the bus with my brother, proud of him to see that he gets more and more stylish and being angry with myself, that i didn't chose my new boots for today, grrr. we're gonna have lunch with mum and then go through the streets. it's braderie, which means that nearly every shop has some kind of big sale.. don't know if i should be happy or not, i guess my mood's like the weather; good from time to time but mostly bad. sorry for supercrappy post:D

i could really us a wish right now

Sunday, 29 August 2010

it's 22:13, i'm eating cornflakes and raspberries and i have seriously nothing to say, excepted for, that i watched shutter island with V and K, which i now(after first being scared like shit)really like and that my outfit is boringx749490063. i have no idea what i'm gonna do tomorrow, so surprise, surprise! i guess that's all for now, sorry for this superboring post! more tomorrow, i'd say.

always remember to spam me here! x
{the other picture is a pancake..with peanutbutter. hmm i'm obsessed of food, haha}

we're girls, so we gotta have fun!

Friday, 27 August 2010

a big thank you to Jil, who uploaded the pictures for me!<3

i love you Nora & our new wedges:) they are amazing, you are amazing, okay..WE are amazing haha:D LOVE !! [by jil.]


[1]my brother wearing my cheap mondays!(i got too fat for them, hahaha) [2]in the bus [3]Jil and i bought those babies today, they're from H&M, were 40€ and are surprisingly quite comfortable! my favourite 'look' is when i wear them with jeans shorts and no tights:D [4]new rings, from H&M too:)
Jil is still editing&uploading the pictures we took with her mega-camera, i'll post them later! x

you say goodbye, i say hello

Thursday, 26 August 2010

my outfit from today: shirt, bikinitop+jacket-H&M, jeans(not on the picture)-cheap monday
V and i had pancakes and frappuccinos for lunch, watched pll(is it possible that the newest episode is missing?) and wild child, talked and did basically nothing but being lazy and kinda enjoying our, less than two weeks of holidays left.
i'll meet Jil tomorrow to just walk through town, take pictures, and talk. good night for now! x

fire with fire

~happy, because the blazer i got, while swapping something on KK, arrived today (it's not as big as it looks like here and it's more beige than grey)
~mad, because i just discovered, that there's a hole in my new leggings :@
~hoping that i can fix that hole sewing it
~looking forward to today, since i'll stay the whole day with Vic, watching pll, eating, talking, watching tv, etc, etc :D

i'm on a laptop!!

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

waaah you have no idea how absolutely awesome it feels to be able to post from something else than an iPhone! that's why i was also able to chose the size for the pictures (in other words: don't get used to it, haha)
but let's talk about the important things again; Toy Story was great and i found a pair of leggings which i told you about i would want to buy, aaand they were only 7€! me=superhappy, haha. i also bought dotted tights for 5€ (mine are ready for the trash:p) and a striped shirt for 8€ (stripes are like an obsession to me) - all from ZARA, and the white-transparate-ish shirt was 5€ and is from H&M. again; happy much!
nothing more to say, see ya later x

i'll keep the name this time!

sorry for changing the name again, but the other one was so long :p
i don't know, what it was, but something in me didn't want to wear leggings, but now i'm into wearing leggings again and want new ones!(call me weird, haha) so now i'm looking for leggings that are a little thicker, but no jeggings, so, that i can still wear them as pants, know what i mean? i think i'll look for some this afternoon, i hope i find a pair, which isn't too expensive.)

-the pictures are all from asos-


•my outfit(which, i gotta admit, i really like:D): white shirt-from mama, blue jacket-my brother's, black leggings+grey ballerinas-H&M, grey ministretchy skirt-unknown, white tanktop(underneith)-bershka, white watch-swatch
•my reading for today: fashion+lifestyle=glamour, gossip+gossip=intouch
•i discovered the selfmade ice tea they sell at EXKi for 2,50€. good, but better for afternoons than mornings, hehe

my plans for today: meet S around 3, walk through town and later go watch Toy Story 3 (so exited!haha)

i'm dancing, dancing in the rain

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

PLEASE ignore my totally shitty faceexpression!
i had a pretty fun evening, did a lot of 'games', ate chinese noodles and pink candyfloss and i now am so effin' exhausted, that i'll fall in my bed as soon a we arrive at home! see ya tomorrow, guys! x


jeans-cheap monday, dotted blouse-via KK, bag-unknown, ring-H&M

now gonna watch taff and then off to the Schueberfouer, adiossss x


as most of you already know, i'm a member of Kleiderkreisel, which is a german site for selling, swappin or buying clothes, etc.
well now you can get a member too.. of the english version! there aren't a lot of people at the moment, and half of them are germans, who have an account there, to see what they can get from the UK, but we can work on that! tell your friends about it and become a member yourself, so that it becomes bigger and bigger!
it's http://friendlyfashion.co.uk

my fave magazines

from top to bottom:
english-Glamour+Cosmopolitan/i prefer the american one (and, is it just me, or does Britney look kind of.. old there?)
french-Public Look(which sadly only comes out every three months)+Cosmopolitan(the cover looks boring, but i love their articles and way of writing!)

outfitpost's coming later, i'm not wearing any make-up yet.
and now.. pancakestime!! i loove having pancakes for lunch:D
see ya! x