white, light blue, light gray and nude. makes me feel like summer

Thursday, 15 July 2010

my today's outfit.
I went to the dentist butttttttt my teeth/mouth doesn't hurt :D!
Now I'm gonna get some Ben&Jerry and Dr Pepper and relax in front of the TV,

EDIT: umm I just changed my plan, I'm gonna work a little on my layout, I get bored of it really easily :p


  1. The way you wear this shirt is very Kristiana

  2. Also ich schätze sie sind so ca. 8cm hoch, sehr bequem :)
    Und gekostet haben sie 19e.
    Gabs' auch noch in Grau mit beiger Gummisohle.
    Liebe Grüße :>

  3. i was literally waiting to get this comment. because she wore it the same way in denmark, right? well i bought the shirt like months ago and already wore the shirt itself with a tight, black skirt and a floral top and a knot in the shirt months ago. i really love that jeansshirt and when i saw how good she looks with it, i remembered, that i have one as well but sadly never wear it, so i decided to wear it now, okay? :)

  4. lool @ the comments. i think you wear this shirt good, it looks nice with your other clothes ;) x

  5. eeehm, ej fannen dein jeanshierm dengens do schein an wollt mer och schon emmer eent kaafe ;)

  6. Love this, your legs are so long!!


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