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Sunday, 18 July 2010

Here I am, back from a really relaxed and fun weekend! This is what I wore today, my yesterday's outfit was a little similar, I wore a grey skirt and a floral top. Right now I'm wearing a dotted blouse and jeans shorts, both from KK and an oooold jeansjacket from esprit.
When I arrived at Z's place, we decided to go buy stuff to eat since we were alone the whole weekend and she lives on Kirchberg, 10minutes close to Auchan. And we came back with two full bags of food :p We made fishsticks, gratin dauphinois, collard au gratin (eeeuhm yeh, whatever:D) and baby peas, which was all frozen haha :D It was reaaally tasty and we spent the rest of the afternoon eating ice cream, tiramisu and self-made smoothies, watching TV and Pretty Little Liars; perfection! We later went to the cinema, around 7 to see The Back-up Plan which be both really liked! Then, back home we ate Pizza and stayed up until half past three :D We got up at 1 and decided to kind of brunch. Then I had to take my bus home aaand here I am :)

Right now I'll get myself our last Dr Pepper and I'll see what TV shows I can watch since I already watched the 6 episodes of PLL and the next one's coming out on wednesday.. Do you know any good ones to recommend? Like girly or/and scary? Nothing like How I met your mother, I'm not suuuch a big fan of those.. I'm happy about every suggestion! x


  1. wow! Tha jacket is so awesome! I don't have a denim jacket, but i really need one! Hahah :) + sorry for the very long wait :-( Thanks for your lovely comment!
    panda xx

  2. Sex and the city! Besteee sendung :D


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