let's reggae all night!

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

this is how i spent my tuesday. i had delicious breakfast with K, went to town with mum and my brother, where we went to the library and i found 3books to read :D after that we went to Veneziano and i had a suupertasty crèpe and a rasperrydrink, mmmhh :D
i finished my day with V, we watched bride wars (i'm sure it's the fourth i've seen this movie:p) and got depressif because always when we watch that movie, we want to get married, haha :D


  1. i love this outfit, so chic!


  2. Bride waaaars :D mega cooln film!

  3. Aaaah,foodporn! Mmm.. Hey,how do you post from your iPhone? :o


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