rainy wednesday

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

what i'm wearing right now; grey pullover-bershka, jeans-cheap monday, khaki shirt-h&m, bag-from mama.
i'm at my grandma's place and we're gonna eat in a couple of minutes, i'm literally dying of hungerrrr!
in the afternoon i'll go to town to meet a friend-i've no idea what we'll be doing the whole afternoon, since it's raining (grrrrr). i'm also gonna meet Kristiana, she's buying the beige wedges i showed you some time ago :)
i'll maybe post again tonight, i'll see x

PS: since something's wrong with our laptop, i'm gonna update from my phone those next days..
PPS: i couldn't properly see, when the blogs i follow updated, because i can't scroll down at that 'post-list'. i decided to use bloglovin again and it's waaay easier now :D


  1. ahhhaahhahahah you must be so proud to meet Kristiana

    normally people don't write such details, who is selling what to who.

  2. i don't think there's anything to be proud of? :p
    and btw, kristy also wrote, that she's buying wedges from me, where's the problem?

  3. Ich liebe diese outfit, vorallem die jacke! :)


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