i want caaaaaandy!

Sunday, 25 July 2010

so this is what my day looked like 'til now;
• cycling with dad

• mum and me were ordering my and my brother's schoolbooks for next year; look what i found! it's from my first year primary, when we were just learning the abc, soo cute :D

• i found this cuuute jacket, which my mum bought for me years ago but i never wore it, well, i think, i just fell in love!

• and my outfit, ofc; floral top-h&m divided, jeans-cheap monday, ballerinas-h&m.


  1. You had Spanish last year, right?
    If yes, how did your books look? Or do you know anybody who had spanish, who knows how the book looks, because I'm afraid I ordered the wrong one. The Chicos Chicas is written with green color, is that correct? :) I love your blog! :D

  2. yeah, the writing is green. but if you ordered them with the right number, they should be the good ones :D
    and thanks! who are you?:D

  3. abou the all stars heels, < I dont know yet
    we'll see. aah you have great posts, I like it


  4. My name is Josephine, I'm in the same school as you :)

  5. okay, and which section are you? :)


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