Friday, 16 July 2010

I baked this lemoncake for my mother since it's her 51.birthday tomorrow :D Caaan't wait to try it, it looks and smells soo good!
Right now I'm watching Pretty Little Liars. I heard about it and that it's soooo good and I gotta say; it really is sooo good! :D You can't just stop watching :)
I just wanted to quickly post that I'm going to Z's place tomorrow morning and I'll stay there 'til sunday evening. I'll maybe update if I have the time, but I really don't know yet!
See you x


  1. sex and the city is best, haha :D
    maa sry dat ech elo richt op dain comment entferen mee haat na keng zait ^^
    ma ka :O ech kommenteiren einfach vill op blog's dei mer gefallen ansou (:

  2. i bought them in M and they run small so they fit me perfect :D owl ring was downstairs ;p

  3. where do you watch pretty litlle liars?
    caus I cant find it anywhere!



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