Friday, 30 July 2010

that's what my day looked like 'til now :) i went to the optician, met Steffi to exchange clothes(picture later), went through H&M and bought cute tights+hairclips(oups no picture), bought magazines and right now i'm sitting in the bar of a hotel called 'Alpha', waiting for my mum to pick me up when she finishes work and then we'll have lunch together at some chinese restaurant my mum says is really good.
i'm not sure yet but i'll probably spend my afternoon/evening with K and V!
more later.. maybe. x


  1. dn t-shirt steet da mega gutt :) x

  2. kP :) merci dass de mch op mengm blog "verteidegt" hues :p ch hunn déi wedges wierklech well méi laang ;p xx

  3. You're so pretty :)

  4. es gibt so viele, man muss dann halt lange durch die blogs gucken und so. Also ein paar adressen kann ich dir ja geben :

    es gibt so viele :/

  5. You are so so pretty! Love the tights too. very sweet :)
    Panda xx
    + Thanks for your comment on my last post - I would be lovely if you checked out my newest one on Christopher Kane :)


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