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Tuesday, 13 July 2010

When I found this blog, which was featured here, I looked through it, and saw that it was all written in swedish, yey :D Anyways, I looked at her pictures & everything and looove her style :) Then I found a video about how she does her hair. I was boring this morning and wanted to try it as well, but in the end I decided to not take the rest of my hair together (as you could see in my outfitpost) But this evening, when I was at V's place, it was so hot that I just had to somehow get the hair 'out of my neck', if you know, what I mean :p Here are pictures what it looks like right now. And yeees, I know it's all messy and blaaaah, but I decided to do it tomorrow, but, ofc, better ;)

But now I'm off to bed, got to get up at half past six tomorrow because my parents are working and they're driving us to town to our grandma.
(getting up early, during the holidays.. fuuun, really, I looove doing that. not :D)
Good night! x

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  1. Wonnaschein dei frisur(:
    Deng Homepage am allgemengen ass wonnaschein.


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