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Monday, 21 June 2010

Woah. My day was good but started really stressful! I appointed the alarmclock on my phone for 9:30h because I had to get a bus at 11:05. But the stupid thing didn't go on! So I woke up at 12:14 and had less than 10minutes time to get ready and catch the next bus. I was supposed to get another bus with Vic at 12, who was at a friend's place but ofc I didn't get that one! So I got the bus an hour later and finally met Vic and my mum, huh! We had a pizza for lunch and I got new Jeans :D I love them! The picture is baaad, I know. They're actually not as grey as they look like, they're more.. blue :p
I don't have anything more to tell you for the moment, so see you x

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