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Saturday, 12 June 2010

my outfit from yesterday afternoon/evening. When I first tried on my new skirt, I just couldn't get myself to take it off again, haha :D So I added my dotted shirt from H&M, a random white jacket and my sandals. In the evening I went to eat sushi with my mum and it was delicous! I had 13pieces and nearly died after eating them all :p
I'm gonna turn the laptop off now so that I can concentrate on studying for my upcoming exams! Yesterday I had my last real schoolday but I still can't believe that the year's already nearly over again!
But it's not time for relaxing yet;
monday - german
tuesday - french and biology
wednesday - english and chemistry (i'm so, so scared of chemistry!)
thursday - maths (yeeey)
friday - physics (what an awesome way to end a week full of exams, ha.)

I started studying maths yesterday and biology already last weekend, so I think I'll do some german and biology now aswell.

I don't think I'll be able to update a lot this weekend and the whole next week, but I'll try my best :) But the good news are: after the exams, I have holidaysss so expect tons of pictures, tons of updates, etc :D
Btw; it's getting more and more fun updating since I get more followers day by day, thank you, sweethearts! x


  1. i love your outfit, its really cute :) good luck with all of your exams :) xx

    id love for you to check out my blog and maybe follow ? :)

  2. I like your outfit :) And good luck for the exams :)


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