Saturday, 12 June 2010

Woah, I finally finished my biologysummary! Out of 50pages I made 9pages :D
I got a request on putting pictures of my room on my blog which I actually find a good idea, but I have to finish tidying it first :p And because I'm studying at the moment, I have books laying all over the ground, so I think I'll take pictures of my room next weekend or sometimes..
For now I took pictures of my favorite clothes/shoes (oh shit, I forgot the bags!).

1.old jeans jacket;don't know where from, 2.grey blazer with puff sleeves; H&M, 3.self made swallow shirt;basic shirt's from H&M, 4.dotted blouse;via KK, 5.lace top;H&M, 6.light grey 'waterfall'-cardigan; ZARA, 7.dark grey longcardigan; ZARA.

1.striped dress; New Yorker, 2.floral shirt; ZARA, 3.striped blouse; via KK, 4.white, knitted cardigan; Esprit, 5.grey parka; New Look.

white, knitted croptop; H&M

grey cheap mondays; Extrabold (and ofc my blue cheap mondays, they're in the washingmachine at the moment)

1.denim stretchskirt; ZARA, stretchyskirt; ZARA, 3.nude highwaisted skirt; New Look, 4.violet highwaisted skirt; via KK, 5.skirt with.. patterns (:p); ZARA, 6.floral skirt; ZARA, 7.another floral skirt; Springfield. (ignore the green skirt)

1.nude/peach lace tanktop; H&M, 2.floral tanktop; H&M via KK, 3.another floral tanktop; Springfield

denim shorts 'used look'; Meltin Pot, via KK

1.two striped shirts; ZARA, 2.Homershirt; was a present from NY, 3.dotted shirt; ZARA, 4.striped shirt; random shop in belgium, 5.another dotted shirt; H&M

1.sandals; ZARA, pumps; ZARA, 3.nude wedges; H&M, ballerinas; random shop in Trier, ballerinas; random shop in Lisbon, 6.grey boots; ZARA, 7.'used look'-Allstar-lookalike shoes; random shop in Trier, Keds; from the biggest shoe shop in Paris :D, ballerinas; random shop in Echternach (they got destroyed by V's dog, haha), plimsolls; H&M.

I'm pretty sure that there's some stuff missing, which is in the washingmachine at the moment or I just couldn't find, and like I said, I forgot the bag, but oh well.. :)


  1. ch hn deen selwekten wiessen crop plover do:D
    me mein as 38 well ken mei klengen do war an mega XXL haha :D xx

  2. Wow, I love the simplicity in your collection of clothes,
    Thanks for putting me in your ready section :)
    I'm back on blogspot, my blog is
    But thankyou anyway

  3. Oh actually the link is


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