This time for africa!

Friday, 25 June 2010

I actually am not a big fan of football, I only sometimes watch a few games during the World Cup. I just really love the feeling you get when you see that the whole world can communicate in freedom because of that sport. Like there's no fight and even if someone loses a game, they're still acting like they're friends, like it only is a game and don't get furious, etc.
Shakira's song for the world cup this year is really nice, well in my opinion. And always when I see that video, it kind of gives me a strange.. but good feeling, it shows that we can all work together without fighting and that it doesn't matter that there are differences between you and me.
Like Shakira says: "We're all Africa"

I wanted to post the full video here but it didn't get how to do it, so here's the link :
if anybody knows how I can properly upload the video.. I'm always open for help, hehe :D
EDIT: Here it is:

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