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Friday, 25 June 2010

My today's outfit. I found those cute socks some time ago in my closet and decided that I'd have to wear them, they're so adorable :D So I wore them today when I went to town this morning to go to the library (I bet I sound like a nerd right now but I actually always find good books and movies there!) and meet Z for less than two hours. I had a delicious Ice Age (It's like a Frappuccino) and had a good and relaxed conversation :) Then I went to my brother's school (He now still has a week of school, haha :D) and went home with him & mum.
We had delicious cheesefondue and I think I'm now gonna lay outside in the bikini, read one of my 'new' books, listen to music and pray for a little tan :p x


  1. wuua, di strëmp sin sou süss :O
    an dann sin ier allenzwee Nerds ;)


  2. You're lucky to have that kind of schedule!So jealous here..


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