Thursday, 3 June 2010

my yesterday's outfit. (first picture; me + geo, not the best combination, haha)

SOMEONE STOLE MY PHONE. you can't imagine how furious I am! Someone told me that a friend of him found a black Samsung phone and he would get it for me if I'd pay him, wtf? If you find something, especially something like a phone, you go to the conseillers or someone and tell them?! AND NOT ASK FOR MONEY!
how can people be so fake?


  1. an wad mess de lo?:O

  2. oh mega domm mam handy -_- awer coolen outfit :)

  3. egal wat -.- kann dat ganz gudd novollzéien, main Handy gouf och eng Kéier geklaut! Sou Leit kann ech einfach ned ausstoen ><

  4. THANK YOU *.*

    love this last photo :b

    xoxo m.


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