Tuesday, 29 June 2010

My today's outfit. I'm covering my face because I just came home from the dentist when I took the picture and I couldn't feel the left half of my mouth, sooo :p

It's possible that this is gonna be my last post for the next 10days. Why? Because I'm going to Spain with Victoria tomorrow! :D Maybe we'll have internet over there so that I'm maybe gonna be able to post, but I don't wanna promise anything because I'm really not sure :)
Anyway, enjoy your holidays/good luck for your last exams or whatever's going on, haha :p

PS: Feel free about spamming my formspring!! Hehe, here


  1. i can only see like 50 % from the pic cause your layout is thin and the pic is wide

  2. have fun :)
    an komm ganz zerek:D

  3. Happy Holidays :D

  4. Your outfits beautiful. gahhh.
    Thanks for the lovely comment too, sweetie!
    panda xxx


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