Sunday, 6 June 2010

Just a quick, quick update! Today I seriously have to study, yesterday I just started maths, but that's all.. My exams start in a week and I feel like failing them all if I don't get myself to study, study, study.
I wanted to quickly take pictures but the battery of my camera's empty, maybe not that bad so that I can concentrate more on biology! I'm gonna take pictures outside when my camera's loaded again and sure will post something when I have time :)
Me vs. 50pages of biology

PS: I'm really beginning to like bicycling, today I went to do some with my dad & brother aswell.. hmm good for me because usually I'm lazy like shit, heh x

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  1. nee me eierlech, heen nennt mech aarmseileg, an dann sou eps.. nee gell :D kuck bei menger profilfoto..
    oh gott haha wann ech liesen wats du schon geleiert hues krein ech en ganz schlecht gewessen (a) nee ech hun an der woch schon chimie an en bessen physik gemaach an mathe och en bessen doweinst hun ech mer geduecht.. NACH N LESHCTEN RELAXEN WEEKEND! :D nora...? an 3 wochen sin mer weg <3


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