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Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Hey sweethearts!
Just a quick post without pictures. I took pictures yesterday, from my outfit and the whole afternoon, but I'm at Vic's place right now and forgot my camera at home, so no pictures now :)
I don't really have anything extremly interesting to tell, just that I had my germanexam on monday which went quite good, biology today which was okay aswell and french which I'm still pissed about because we had an absolutely idiotic text about a story and we had to finish it but it didn't even make sence -_-
I just finished studying chemistry with V, it's suuuch a boring subject and I'm not sure about passing the compo which I have tomorrow.. I have english aswell tomorrow, but that should be very easy :)
I leave you with some pretty pictures, I'll do a real update as soon as possible! x

awesome cardigan!

i'm in need of those shoessssss!

i want the whole outfit :D


  1. dat man ech och, sou gudd wéi et geet..

    schéiiiiin schong! :D

  2. i Love your blog!:)
    all these pictures are awesome.


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