Friday, 4 June 2010

I got good news! The one who found my phone gave it to a friend of mine and I got it back, I'm soo happy! Yesterday I was without my phone for a whole evening, I felt like going crazy! I think I definitely am an addict, haha :)

In the picture I actually don't wear what I wore for school today, I just changed from my skirt into shorts when I arrived at home, it's so much more practical because after, I had to go to Echternach with my brother. Oh and the floral shirt I'm wearing arrived yesterday, I got it via KK and changed it against a scarf :D It's S but I could wear it as dress, hehe. The blue/turquoise thingies coming out of the shirt are from a bikinitop I wore underneath ;)
That's all for the moment x


  1. so ma dach mol engker bescheed wanns de op i-nach fiers ??
    war haud den ganzen owend do..<3


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