Saturday, 26 June 2010

Some time ago, I bought tons and tons and tons (for altogether around 6€!) of chain but totally forgot it. I bought different kinds of chain & this evening, I was bored by sitting on the table, I finally made myself a sort of bracelet-ring-thingie, hehe :p aswell, I thread leather tape through one of the chains. These are the results:

I can wear them as necklace, belt or bracelet :)

Really like it, I just think that I should find a way to kind of fix the ring-part more, hmm.
Like it? x

I just got 25€ from my grandma, gonna save it all up for spain. I'll get 50€ from mum, 50€ from dad, I have around 80€ on my account +hopefully the ~25€ from KK'll arrive soon aswell. means: 50+50+80+25= 205€, waaaah :D:D


  1. haha your ring thingy looks pretty cool :)
    Well yeah I'll think about it :D

  2. i like it! and your nail colour o: x

  3. i like it! hehe, and your nail colour o: x

  4. haha egal(;
    iio, ej wollt och mol e bessen ketten do kaafen goen, se hun wkl meega vill do:D
    ech well mer nemlej ger eppes fir an dhoer, en bracelet an eng ketten domader man(:
    holiiidayss sooon :)


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